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'Les Carillonnades' comes to Bournville

Last night, Trevor Workman gave a recital on Bournville Carillon to an audience in the French city of Saint Amand Les Aux. The concert was streamed live as part of 'Les Carillonnades' festival. Before he began his recital, Trevor spoke to the Saint Amand audience by video.

Meanwhile, around 250 people gathered on Bournville Green to enjoy the concert. There was also time for an informal sing-a-long, led by Mary Rodgers.

Unfortunately, due to vandalism of a fibre optic cable in France the day before, live streaming of the concert was not possible this side of the Channel. However, we are expecting that a recording will be available to watch on YouTube in the near future.

Thanks also to Bournville Village Council and Terry Davies for supplying local sound amplification.


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