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HEADS UP! Don't miss a wonderful day of mus

Frank Steijns and Madieke Marjon (members of the Andre Rieu Orchestra and Chorus) will be our guest celebrities and will participate in various events throughout the day:

12 noon: Solo Carillon Recital - Frank Steijns

A programme of light music familiar to all!

3:00 p.m: Antics from the Tower:

Frank Steijns, Madieke Marjon and Trevor Workman

Music on the carillon with piano accompaniment and soprano soloist:

7:00 p.m. St. Francis Church:

CELEBRITY CONCERT featuring Bournville Carillon LIVE!

Not to be missed!!

A varied programme of popular music played on Carillon, Clavion, pianos and organ with Soprano soloist:

DETAILS TO FOLLOW - watch this space!

GET YOUR TICKETS NOW TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT from the Carillon Visitor Centre, Louise of Bournville, or by telephoning 07986 552770 or E mail:

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