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Cancellation of Carillon Recitals - until September 2023

The Carillon is about to undergo essential maintenance works which includes significant structural repairs and total renovation of the keyboard.

With immediate effect the Carillon will be out of action until the beginning of September 2023. Regular Saturday recitals are therefore cancelled and visitors will not be able to ascend the tower to observe playing until further notice.

We apologise for any disappointment or inconvenience that this suspension of activity may cause but essential work must be completed to ensure that the carillon can revert to normal reliable service at the earliest time. Hopefully playing and visitor tours will re-commence from the beginning of September but confirmation of this possibility will be given at a later date with details posted on this web-site during August as repair works proceed.

Thank you for your understanding. If necessary, further information can be provided by contacting the Carillon Visitor Centre on 07986 552770 or enquiries can be made through this web site on or via E mail:

Trevor Workman

Carillonneur Bournville Village Trust - 14 July 2023


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